While we understand you may have specific needs for where we deliver your paper, due to staffing shortages and safety concerns we do not guarantee special placement.  We ask for the cooperation of our subscribers so that our carriers and their vehicles return home safely at the end of each day. 

Carriers are not required to deliver to locations where safety issues create perilous conditions, including locations that would require them to get out of their vehicle. An independent carrier may choose to accommodate a special delivery location request. However, most of the time it is simply not possible for our very short-handed crew to accommodate the hundreds of requests on your route. 

Steps are particularly hazardous for carriers. Slips, trips and falls is a leading cause of accidents among carriers. In addition to the carrier's safety, injuries to a carrier — or any visitor to your home — can result in costly liabilities to homeowners. 

Keeping your walkway, driveway, and curbside clear of obstructions allows us to provide you with the safest, most efficient service possible. 

If your paper is normally tossed in your driveway, check for it before using snow removal equipment. The newspaper and/or the carrier is not responsible for any damage to snow removal equipment caused by a newspaper.  

We recognize road conditions change throughout the day. The carrier is starting the route in the early morning before the sun comes up, before roads conditions improve. It is up to the carrier's discretion whether a road or driveway is passable.

While our goal is to deliver the newspaper each day, we stand by the decisions of our managers and carriers when delivery is modified or suspended due to an immediate, serious safety concern. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding.