If you are on auto pay; the option to tip to your carrier using a credit or debit card will be in the billing section of the dashboard. 

If you are not on auto renewal; a tip can be added to a onetime renewal payment on the Pay Now page.  

Over the Phone 

You can tip the carrier by calling the circulation desk at 207-689-0911 and we can take a onetime payment as tip with a debit or credit card.  

At Home 

You can leave the tip for the carrier where they normally deliver your paper.  

By Mail 

You can return your renewal notice with the tip added into the renewal payment.  

If you would like the carrier's contact information, we can request this from the depot to see if the carrier is okay with giving it out. Some carriers drop off cards with their information during the holidays as well but not all. Please email the circulation desk at circulation@sunjournal.com to request that information.